Domain Name Monitoring

Extensive modular domain name monitoring solutions

EBRAND Services monitor over 1000 Internet extensions, including generic extensions (.com .info .biz), national (.fr .cn), regional (.eu .paris .london) or sectoral (.sport .shop .music). You can also adapt monitoring to cover your own specific market.

Complimentary Monitoring

What we can do for you

EBRAND Services keeps you informed as soon as a new domain name similar to yours is threatening your business dealings or as soon as it reverts to the public domain. You can then step in immediately when a website latches on to your brand or when a name is vacated and a registration opportunity becomes available.

Everything you need

EBRAND Services helps you with:


Monitoring new registrations of domain names which are identical or confusingly similar to your brand, corporate name or trademark for all extensions related to your market.


Detecting online infringements including cybersquatting and typosquatting. See who is behind infringing domains. Consult our risk indicators.


View the results of monitoring reports online, analyzed and sorted by action priorities.

Premium Expertise

Benefit from expert advice and recommendations when infringement is confirmed.

Legal Action

Act against infringements before they are ready to harm you.


Recover disputed domain names held by third parties and cenalize them within your domain portfolio.


the investigative platform for monitoring results

Ergonomic presentation

of WHOIS data to identify domain name holders

Display of screen shots

and access to website hypertext links to verify the contents of detected registrations


whois and website history and evaluate risks with the help of proper indicators

Flexible alert settings

daily, weekly, monthly – identical and or variant – black- and whitelisting of strings

Customized monitoring reports

featuring your logo or your client’s logo and sent in PDF, CSV or XLS formats


Results: on target and pertinent

Intelligent domain name monitoring, reporting only those cases that potentially threaten your brand. Gone are the long lists of results to analyze. You are now free to focus on essentials.

Customized service

Adaptive monitoring. It works equally well for companies, intellectual property consulting firms, lawyers, branding agencies and registrars for the protection of their clients.

Expertise plus

Your adviser is an expert with a minimum of 10 years experience in domain names and brand protection on the Internet. In the event of infringement, he/she will recommend the best courses of action: pragmatic, efficient and at least cost.