Is someone counterfeiting your products? Act now!

With EBRAND you can exercise total control over your online sales, in every country and every region worldwide, in any language and through any distribution channel. We identify online counterfeit offers, delete offending offers and keep a close watch on sellers to prevent any recurrences.

Complimentary Counterfeit Audit

What we can do for you

EBRAND monitors, detects, analyses, and eradicates any counterfeit activity associated with your brand.

Everything you need

EBRAND provides you with extensive round-the-clock monitoring of the entire Web,
in all countries without exception:


Over 900 online sales sites and platforms are under constant scrutiny, including more than 100 in China, be they highly popular or downright confidential.

Social Networks

The world’s 10 largest social networks are monitored in order to identify postings that promote counterfeit products or redirect to sites selling fakes.

App Stores

The 20 major global App stores are monitored to detect fraudulent applications copying authentic items or used to sell counterfeit products.

e-Commerce Sites

All web e-commerce sites on the Internet are monitored to identify illicit offers.


Identification on the Darknet of illicit activity in connection with counterfeit product distribution.

Domain Management
Domain Names

All domain name registrations are analyzed to identify infringements with various trademark laws.


At your fingertips, a powerful tool to eradicate Internet counterfeiting

EBRAND brings you one of the best anti-counterfeiting tools the market has on offer. It provides a comprehensive and orderly view of infringements and features a full set of advanced functions with which to:

with precision offenders and infringements classified by order of priority


screen shots


contentious offers with a single click


fraudulent vendors


digital evidence


return on investment using the performance indicator


Quantified situational analysis

EBRAND helps you identify regions in the world and distribution channels where urgent action is required, for example countries in which you have no official distribution network.

Unlimited web clean-up service.

Receive unlimited interventions throughout your subscription period. The web is wiped clean at no extra cost. Efficient, swift, and reasonably priced, our plug and play tool required no special training.

Penalties for persistent offenders!

Re-offending sellers are penalised and given notice they are on watch. We address complaints to relevant technical intermediaries with the authority to shut down contentious retail outlets and terminate payment systems.